Lord of Time

I'm a fan of both Jesus and Doctor Who, so it's hard not to notice the similarities between these two. Appearing human, yet existing through space and time. Saving the human race (sometimes from itself). Advocating for love, justice and respect instead of war and violence. Encouraging people to journey with him for a more fulfilling life.

This was possibly never more so than during the final appearance of the 10th Doctor. He knew he was to die - and was greatly troubled by it. After much physical and mental pain, and looking a lot worse-for-wear, he did of course save the human race. Consequently he did die - or at least regenerate. It's the closest the Doctor gets to death, but he continues to live on - just in another form of life.

So that's what inspired me to start jotting down these things i notice. I hope you find it interesting and enjoyable.