Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flesh and Stone

Continuing on from the Time of Angels, the Doctor, Amy, River and her crew are escaping from the angels, and discover that the angels have managed to get inside the mind of Amy. In time, this would mean Amy's demise - and when the Doctor asks what their purpose is, he gets the reply "for fun".

I've never seen the (ironically named) angels so representative of evil - or the devil if you will. Their intent is nothing but harm, they sneak up on you when you're not paying attention, and their motive is evil purely for evil's sake.

Meanwhile, in the Forest on the Byzantium, Amy becomes particularly ill, and the remedy involves her closing her eyes. The Doctor and River must move on (to enable the escape) leaving Amy guarded by several troops. This is a huge moment for Amy, as the Doctor asks for her trust. Though she cannot see, does not know what is yet to come, and faces a difficult situation, she is still able to place her trust in the Doctor.

However, after the demise of these troops, Amy searches for the Doctor. Blind, alone, and vulnerable to attack - her only assistance is the communicator she earlier received. Through it, the Doctor sends a signal which indicates his position, such that she can move in his direction. The Doctor also sends some software through to the communicator, such that it beeps in the proximity of an angel - warning Amy of any impending danger.

The communicator is a bit like prayer - maybe the holy spirit, or even the bible - as it guides us as we decide on our direction, and warns of things that are (in the Doctor's words) "extremely very not good".

As Amy continues her walk, she stumbles and falls. Ordinarily this would mean disaster, but she is saved and teleported into the presence of the Doctor. She is healed of her illness by the Doctor as he defeats the evil angels - thereby removing them from Amy.

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