Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hungry Earth

As the Silurians are approaching, the Doctor's plan involves local boy Elliot drawing a map of the immediate area.

DOCTOR: I need a map of the village, marking where the cameras are going.
ELLIOT: I can't do the words - I'm dyslexic.
DOCTOR: That's alright - I can't make a decent meringue. Draw like your life depends on it Elliot!

This attitude of seeing the value of people (while others may not) strongly reminded me of Jesus.

Whether he was speaking to a woman at a well, a tax collector, or other various social outcasts - Jesus valued them for who they were - and who they could be

In fact, even the people he hand-picked to be disciples were not the proud people who considered themselves the pinnacle of society. Instead it was completely the opposite - the people who were far from what the world considered ideal - but who were humble people committed to following Jesus, and being all that they could be.

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